War often changes, as slapstick peasant-bothering stabfest Mordhau proves. Developers Triternion have announced details about what players can expect in the near future of the mostly melee fighting simulator, including ranked play, new maps, and a reduction in the undeserved powers of horse-riding cowards. The much-requested mod support is still only a maybe. Using magic, I have adorned this very post with images of the new warzones.

Mordhau Giru VS Grave

Knock them off, my friends. Knock them down and take their idiot horses while giggling. Tagged with TriternionMordhau. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

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Jump to comments Who am I? Sin Vega Contributor Nocturnal remembrer of ancient oddities and curator of unlikely treasures. Please enable Javascript to view comments. World of Warcraft's double-XP buff will now last until the next expansion's pre-patch 5.Mordhau 's messy multiplayer swordfights are a lot of fun, but sometimes you just want to reach out and stab one person in particular.

Fortunately, developer Triternion agrees, as a major patch this Friday added an official one-on-one duelling mode to the game. Rather than do things by halves, the duelling system has a persistent Elo ranking system a competitive ranking system originally used for chessand now commonly used by many esports games meaning that players can compete to become the world's greatest stab-doer. The ranking system is technically only in beta still, but once they've hammered any last kinks they plan on applying the system to three-on-three small team battles, too.

Mordhau as professional esports? It could happen. While duels are the biggest feature of the update you can see the full patch notes herethere's a lot of other tweaks and improvements made. They've tweaked and slightly expanded the Crossroads map, fine-tuned cavalry less powerful, but can now capture points while mounted and made further tweaks to reduce griefing and make it easier to vote out problem players.

Probably the second most important change is a universal improvement to kicking, though. Kicks come out faster, have slightly longer range and cost less stamina. Most importantly, you can now kick people on ladders and laugh maniacally as they ragdoll helplessly to the ground. Who needs swords when you've got a boot? Along with the launch of duels, the studio have outlined update plans for the coming months.

There's two new maps coming and "ready very soon", a new play-mode called Invasion, offering an asymmetrical attack-and-defend style of play. The biggest deal, and what will likely keep Mordhau kicking well into and beyond is native mod support. An official software development kit is in the works, but won't be done for a while. While you wait for the flood-gates to open on Mordhau modding, find someone and stab them.

You'll get global kudos for it now. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. See comments. Topics Action.Mordhau has dipped a heavily-armored toe into the waters of ranked mode, with a new one-on-one ranked duels mode available in the latest version of the game. Developer Triternion says it plans on expanding to a ranked three-versus-three mode once the wrinkles in duels have been ironed out. And since this is Mordhau, that means violence, and lots of it.

The new patch adds a Ranked tab to the matchmaking screen, and at present, your only option is the one-on-one duel. Beyond ranked, Triternion has plenty in store for Mordhau. The studio says it plans on releasing smaller updates more frequently, and the blog on Build 9 discusses some of the features in the pipeline. Two new maps are on the way, called Feitoria and Castello. Feitoria will be arriving first, and most likely will be included alongside another update in the near future.

However, that may be a ways off, since the studio says the process is fairly resource-intensive. In the meantime, though, server owners can now enable auto-downloads for mods they want to run.

mordhau ranked ranks

With that option selected, players who join the server will automatically start downloading the necessary mods, which will save lots of time and effort — which you can then use to practice lopping off limbs and heads. Back to Top. Mordhau Survival. Promoted How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports.

Who are the biggest female streamers?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Bleezippy View Profile View Posts. I don't care what people think. Call me bad or how it's skilled or however you want to view it. There are way too many ways to exploit the look down up left right while feinting repeatedly as the weapon literally goes through my character before the swing is even dedicated to because of how easy it is to move about like that.

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The movements like that will and can never be fixed because for whatever reason this community thinks it's skill based to jank your character around and hold up a weapon like you're playing mount and blade before an actual swing. Dueling only proves to showcase these serious problems with the game tenfold. I've more than got my moneys worth and this is not a sleight toward the developers at all. It looks ridiculous, it feels ridiculous to play against and I don't want to have to look like a flailing muppet, move the weapon at a snails pace for full damage or as fast as a sneeze to be competitive in a sword game.

To everyone else whose fine with it. Have a good time.

mordhau ranked ranks

Showing 1 - 15 of 26 comments. Skidee View Profile View Posts. Yeah I am a high level and I also hate the twitch while feinting people. But held block shields need to go in ranked. Feints make this game infinitely harder to balance because there are some feints which, when paired with various movements, are nigh impossible to detect.

Something needs to be done about them. Mount and blade was actually very skill based. Where are you getting the comparison for a skill based melee game?Weapon stats matter, but they're only part of the story. There's no single best tool for the job: Combat in Mordhau is a physics puzzle where your creativity and feel for a weapon will determine how you land a hit. In addition to showing you which weapons are the best and worst, each entry also comes with a handy stat sheet that helps you compare stats like damage and timing.

Explanations for those stats are found in the section below the tier list, if you need them, along with some handy tips about how to build your own mercenary. Use the table of contents to skip to these sections. These top-tier weapons each bring a special little something to combat. With the longest reach in the game, the Spear quite literally has a lot going for it.

Thrusts are amazing, with body two-shots against all but the heaviest armor, and can even drag. In fact, spears are one of the only good weapons which rely so heavily on a single swing type. The alt-mode is also useful, trading some reach for more speed to help you vary your thrusts, and giving significantly more power to strikes.

But for me, the Mace is, quite simply, Old Reliable.

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It kills with two swings into the body against every armor type, and gives plenty of time to drag or accel. Maces are an excellent choice as a backup or primary weapon for all situations.

Big range, big damage, and only seven points. With almost no draw time, the highest projectile speed, and the ability to immediately swap to another weapon and save the reloading for later, the Crossbow is the most forgiving and useful ranged weapon. Just remember to pick a good backup weapon to use when you get rushed. These weapons are still a great pick but sometimes are outmatched or have specific flaws. Versatile and inexpensive, the Arming Sword is the best all-around backup weapon on a budget.

It suffers against heavily armored opponents, but has great thrust and swing damage against the lightly armored risk-takers of the battlefield. Excellent thrusts and very fast, the Rapier can be an annoying weapon to deal with when paired with a shield. However, experienced enemies will punish your predictable attack patterns if you rely solely on thrusts.

Boasting a variety of strikes and thrusts all with similar timing and damage—not to mention its enormous range—the Zweihander stands tall as a good choice for any number of enemies. Between its primary and alt-mode grip, the Estoc is the most versatile weapon you can get for six points.

If you find yourself dueling more often than wading in, this will be a better fit for you. Simpler to use and less expensive than the Estoc, the Longsword loses some of the range, but brings consistent body three-shots with both strikes and thrusts. At only five points, it fulfills a similar role to the Estoc and is probably down to personal preference. The slightly slower, slightly longer cousin of the Bastard Sword.


It costs a point more and trades worse thrusts for better strikes, but it will still kill with two body shots on lighter armor and three shots on heavies. The best of the backup ranged weapons, the throwing axe has punch, even against heavy armor, but only two ammo.

The Eveningstar has good body damage across the board, and an extra 30cm in length, but the Maul's one-hit-kills are so much more satisfying to pull off. At a massive points investment, the Halberd has the range, especially in alt-mode, and good damage with strikes and thrusts.Weapons make up Mordhau 's main gameplay element, which is combat. Currently, there are over 80 different types of weapons in the game, including one-handed, two-handed, and ranged. It is really difficult to find the best weapon amongst such a huge variety of choices.

That is why we offer you a tier list of the best weapons in Mordhau from best to worst. But remember that even the worst weapon in this list is better than any other one not included here.

mordhau ranked ranks

So they are all very good for different reasons. It is especially effective for slashing attacks that can hit up to three enemies at a timewhich is only possible with a weapon like the Halberd. Also, you can move halberd in many different ways, which makes it unpredictable and thus hard to counter. If the length of the Halberd intimidates you and you don't want to hurt your teammates in the heat of battle, then consider a War Axe instead.

The damage is a little less than the Halberd, but the War Axe is half the length, which makes it a bit more convenient in close quarter combat. This sword is probably the only weapon in the game capable of killing two armored enemies with one swing. Executioner's Sword is also an excellent choice for Duel servers, as it has a great reach and excruciating amounts of damage for a two-handed sword.

The only drawback of this weapon is that it can't be used for combos, but Halberd can't be either and it's still considered one of the most OP weapons in the game. In case combos play an important role in the way you play, then opt for Zweihander instead, an excellent alternative for a more robust Executioner's Sword.

This two-handed sword can insta-kill an enemyif you manage to hit them in the back. This is possible due to its heavy weight, which also makes it kind of slow. Crossbow may not be the most powerful ranged weapon in the game, but it definitely has the fastest projectiles.

mordhau ranked ranks

It's pretty slow when it comes to reloading, but the accuracy and the range are unequaled. Hence crossbow is a great weapon if you like taking precise headshots even from the greatest of distances.

Mordhau – Ranks With Items They Unlock (Rank Prizes)

Who doesn't like to do that? If the Crossbow reload time is killing you, then Long Bow is the best alternative. Though its equip cost is rather high, really. Long Bow allows you to reload when moving, which isn't possible when using the Crossbow. It makes for a more mobile playstyle.Armour b. Weapons i. Cleaver ii.

Bear Trap iii. Falchion iv. Kite Shield v. Maul vi. Toolbox c. Other i. Banner Emblem. Armour i. Helmet ii. Pointy Templar Heavy 1. Helmet b. Smoke Bomb ii. Warhammer iii.

Mordhau now has an experimental ranked mode for duels

Pavise Shield iv. Bastard Sword v. Halberd c. Clover Emblem. Spanish Kettle Medium 1. Hood Lowered 1.

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Neck iii. Leather Arms 1.

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Arms iv. Wanderers Gloves 1. Hands v.

Mordhau tier list: The best weapons to rule the melee

Wanderers Pants 1. Legs vi. Footmans Splinted Greaves Medium 1. Legs vii. Landsknecht Sandals 1. Feet b. Buckler ii. Rapier iii. War Axe iv. Crossbow v.

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